‘Fixing the World Trade Crisis after coronavirus’ | Peter Mandelson & Hamid Mamdouh

July 9, 2020

Lord Peter Mandelson and Hamid Mamdouh join CoronaNomics to discuss Covid-19's impact on world trade. Even before the coronavirus pandemic, global commerce was under severe strain. Economic nationalism, trade wars and a crisis within the World Trade Organisation were threatening to turn the tide on decades of global economic integration. Yet since the beginning of the year, as countries around the world have locked down their economies and supply chains have suffered unprecedented disruption, world trade has experienced a slump on a scale not seen since the Great Depression of the 1930s. So what is to be done?

Ben Chu (The Independent) and Lizzy Burden (The Telegraph) speak to speak to Lord Peter Mandelson and Hamid Mamdouh.


Music by Slenderbeats

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